ADSolutions enhances its Office 365 management and reporting abilities with the addition of an Office 365 bulk license manager and an Exchange Online reporting module in ADManager Plus and ExchangeReporter Plus respectively. Using the license manager, you can manage the licenses assigned to Office 365 users, right from within ADManager Plus’s console. The Exchange Online mailbox reporting module helps ExchangeReporter Plus fetch in depth mailbox-specific information from Office 365 environment.

Office 365 bulk License Manager
Predefined Office 365 Mailbox Reports

The Office 365 portal allows you to manage the licenses of only 20 users in one operation. To manage more than 20 users, you will have to repeat this operation or rely on the even more taxing PowerShell scripts. ADManager Plus’s new Office 365 license management utility helps you overcome the limitations of the native portal and allows you edit the licenses of all the desired Office 365 users, at one go. Using license management feature, you can:

  • Add new licenses to users
  • Replace the licenses assigned to users
  • Remove only specific licenses or all the licenses of users

Granular and CSV-based bulk license management

While editing the licenses of the desired Office users, you can also enable/disable relevant applications such as Exchange Online, Lync Online, Yammer, SharePoint Online, etc. for them. To simplify the Office 365 user license management process even more, ADManager Plus offers the ‘CSV import’ option which allows you to fetch the list of users whose licenses have to be edited, from a CSV file.

Many-in-one user creation

Besides Office license management, this web-based Active Directory Management and reporting tool also allows you to provision new accounts for users in Active Directory, Exchange Server, Office 365, Google Apps and Lync, simultaneously, in one single action. Download ADManager Plus's 30-day free trial for a firsthand experience of the benefits that this solution offers.

ExchangeReporter Plus, the web-based Exchange reporting and auditing solution, adds an exclusive Exchange Online mailbox reporting module, and widens its reporting capabilities beyond the on-premise Exchange Server. To cull out the required information from your Office 365 environment, you will have to depend on the cumbersome PowerShell as the Office 365 portal doesn’t offer any help. But ExchangeReporter Plus simplifies Office 365 reporting and helps you fetch important details instantly via these ‘out-of-the-box’ reports:

  • Mailbox Enabled Users report lists all the Office 365 users for whom an Exchange Online mailbox has been enabled, along with details such as the mailbox name, email, last logon time, etc.
  • Inactive Mailboxes report identifies all the mailboxes which have not been accessed during a specific time frame, along with their last logon time.
  • Mailbox Size report fetches the size of each Exchange Online mailbox along with the number of messages that are stored in them. This report also provides a graphical representation of the ‘top 10’ mailboxes in the Office 365 environment, based on their size.
  • Archived Mailbox report lists all the mailboxes that have been archived, along with information such as the archive size, quota, etc.

Three-in-one MS Exchange Reporting Software

Besides these Exchange Online-specific reports, ExchangeReporter Plus also offer 100+ predefined reports including Mailbox size reports, email traffic reports, ActiveSync reports, etc. which cater to a wide range of Exchange reporting, analysis and auditing needs. You can also configure alerts to keep you informed about the changes happening in your Exchange infrastructure. With instant and extensive insights into the various aspects of your Exchange Server environment, this software makes it easy to ensure that all the Exchange resources are used optimally. Download the free trial of ExchangeReporter Plus to explore all the reports in detail for 30 days, at zero cost.

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