Awesome password policy controls: Robust password solutions for Active Directory

In order to protect our passwords against the latest attacks, the password policy must be enhanced. Microsoft has not updated the security for our password policies in over 15 years, so the time is now.

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Tracking and securing privileged access

Attackers love to prey on accounts that have privileges. Reducing privileged accounts and protecting privileged accounts therefore is paramount. Users, groups, and service accounts need to be protected to help protect the entire Active Directory environment.

05 December 02 PM EST
Hosted by Derek
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Overcoming Native Active Directory Recycle Bin's Limitations

Derek Melber, Active Directory MVP, will walk you through the finer points of working with Active Directory recycle bin, and overcoming its limitations. You will learn how to restore objects that are past their tombstone lifetime, and perform attribute level restorations.

Presented by: Derek Melber

Active Directory Management Challenges and Solutions

Learn how to manage and report on your Active Directory, Office 365, Exchange Server and Google Apps environments, easily and quickly without struggling with PowerShell scripts.

Presented by: Vivin Sathyan

Automating Active Directory Clean Up

Presented by: Derek Melber

SIEM: The art of monitoring, alerting, and auditing your network to enhance security

Learn the tips and tweaks to protect your network from attacks. This webinar provides you insights on

Presented by: Vivin Sathyan

ADManager Plus Session 2 - Non-invasive AD delegation, automation, and AD workflow.

You will learn about the best techniques for efficient and effective AD, Office 365 and Exchange management, non-invasive AD delegation model, automation and setting up a review-based workflow for AD tasks.

Presented by: Vivin Sathyan

Security Hardening of Windows Active Directory and Servers.

Derek Melber, Directory Services MVP, will explains the finer points of securing your Windows Active Directory and Windows Servers. You will learn how to report, analyze, configure, monitor, and alert on all key security aspects, and also how to meet all regulations, both internal and external.

Presented by: Derek Melber

Monitoring Active Directory With Derek Melber

The webinar focuses on the advanced auditing techniques to track various changes in Active Directory. Derek Melber, Directory Services MVP, shares his expert tips on knowing the 'who', 'when', 'where', and 'what' components of AD changes to ensure complete information tracking.

Presented by: Derek Melber

Monitoring Active Directory Webinar

In this webinar, you will get to know how to safeguard your organization from the pangs of cyber-attacks. In light of the recent attacks on high profile corporates such as British Airways, Sony Online Entertainment Services, Saudi Aramco and JPMorgan Chase, emphasis on IT security is at an all time high.

Presented by: Derek Melber

5 Security Hacks to ensure business continuity

5 Security Hacks to ensure business continuity

Presented by:Vivin




Derek is the Technical Evangelist for the ADSolutions team at ManageEngine. As an Active Directory MVP, he is sought after globally for his knowledge, insight, and keen understanding of the Windows product line, especially Active Directory. Derek has extensive experience in offering solutions to Active Directory change monitoring challenges. He writes for, speaks to, and educates thousands of IT professionals around the world, every year through his blogs, books, seminars, webinars, etc.

Vivin is a presales consultant for ADSolutions team at ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corp. He presents POCs, and takes care of implementation as well as product training for ADSolutions customers across the globe. He is also a regular speaker on the latest trends and best practices in Windows infrastructure management, in international seminars and user conferences conducted by ManageEngine.


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