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12th September - 20th September 2017

We're happy to present this free series of online workshops to help you master Active Directory (AD), Exchange, and Office 365 administration using ADManager Plus. Every workshop includes live demonstrations to show you how ADManager Plus simplifies every aspect of Active Directory management.

Live Laboratory Setup:

Our online workshops include a live laboratory setup, hosted on Azure, to give you as much hands-on experience as possible.


To attend these workshops, you'll need:

  • A working internet connection and a web browser.
  • A valid GoToWebinar ID to connect to the workshop (emailed to you upon registration).
Next Up
Automation for critical AD routines and setting up iOS and Android apps.
  • Provision user accounts automatically as per new hires' details given by HR.
  • Trace, quarantine, and clean up stale Active Directory accounts.
  • Provide users with temporary access to business data by modifying their group membership.
  • Perform important AD tasks on the go using ADManager Plus' mobile apps.
  • Troubleshoot Exchange mailbox and Skype for Business (formerly Lync) account creation issues in ADManager Plus.
  • Create accurate multi-DC (domain controller) reports.
September 12th (Closed)
Advanced identity and access management using smart templates and CSV files.
September 13th (Closed)
Centralized management of AD users, Office 365 licenses, and Exchange mailboxes.
September 14th (Closed)
Script-free Active Directory reporting and efficient access management via group membership and file server permissions management.
September 19th (Closed)
AD delegation and ticket-based help desk workflow for AD operations.
September 20th (Closed)
Automation for critical AD routines and setting up iOS and Android apps.
Register for Upcoming workshop

  • Opportunity to learn from ManageEngine's product experts.
  • Gain in-depth knowledge about ADSolutions products, their features and capabilities.
  • Know how our products will simplify AD, Exchange & Office 365 management and reporting.
  • Step-by-step walkthroughs to learn all features of our solutions, and their benefits in detail.
  • Exclusive laboratory setup to help you gain hands-on experience in using our solutions.
  • Get your queries addressed by the ManageEngine team.
  • Take the ManageEngine certification test, FREE* of cost, and become a ManageEngine Certified Product Professional (MECPP).
*You must attend all the five workshops in the series to be eligible for this free certification program.
Workshop Invite
    Just to let you know that the Webinar was excellent. Clear, concise presentation covering all essential points.
    John Rubinstein
    The workshop was a pleasant surprise - to the point and practical. Thank you for the effort in preparing the workshop - glad to be a customer of the product.
    GordonConwell Theological Seminary
    Great workshops! Keep them coming, I've already bought licenses for all our technicians and I'm working on getting everything setup.
    Harder Mechanical
    Great workshop. Our HR department provides new employees and demographics on an excel spreadsheet. Now, we can create a template and they can input that information into ADManager+ and send the request off to our Helpdesk technician that sets up new AD accounts.
    Samaritan Medical Center
    Nothing. This was one of the best on-line workshops that I have ever attended.
    Raritan Valley Community College
    Hello Team, thank you for organizing the workshops. very helpful as we just started to work with ADManagerPlus.

    I am too new to this now... I like your management product
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Derek Melber, Active Directory MVP, shares his expert tips on
Active Directory administration, monitoring, auditing, and reporting.
Learn, interact, get assistance to solve your
specific problems, and benefit from the
experiences of other attendees.
Get insight into the best practices and latest
trends with live demonstrations on how to
achieve your AD objectives.
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